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Announcing Dyln

Magnolia Trading is excited to announce that we are now the exclusive International Distributor of Dyln!

Living Water Bottle – Reduce plastic waste and create alkaline antioxidant water, whenever, wherever.

Who is Dyln?
Launched in Newport Beach through a successful Kickstarter campaign, DYLN Inspired almost never was. Founder Dorian Ayres lost his brother in a tragic accident. Dorian was injured in the accident and was left with chronic health problems. Western medicine didn't have all of the answers so Dorian turned to a variety of alternative solutions. He also found the benefits of alkaline water.
Recovering his vitality inspired Dorian to share living water with the world, and DYLN Inspired-named after his brother -was born. They have helped 20,000 people and counting to live vibrantly while reducing our impact on the earth.

Their Mission

DYLN is bridging the gap between wellness and convenience with our eco-friendly alkaline water bottles. They believe that living water is the foundation for healthy bodies, conscious minds, and inspired lives-and that you should be able to make it everywhere you go.
For yoga enthusiasts, athletes, and health-seekers alike, DYLN Inspired strives to energize your lives all while reducing plastic waste. Our goal is to preserve the environment while expanding awareness, one bottle at a time.

How Does it Work
DYLN, (pronounced Dylan), is a sleek portable stainless steel bottle that holds a replaceable mineral-based alkalizing system that enhances water on the go.
The bottle holds a replaceable VitaBead Diffuser which consists of a perforated stainless steel capsule that contains VitaBeads®, an all-natural mineral blend made with magnesium, silica, zinc and tourmaline. The water will become alkaline, antioxidant, and softer to deliver the best hydration experience.

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Announcing Sneakz

Magnolia Trading is excited to announce that we are now the exclusive International Distributor of Sneakz.

Mindfully formulated USDA Organic, non-GMO milkshakes and whole food supplements with daily vegetables and probiotics. With a simple blend of organic whole foods and a commitment to ensuring everyone gets... more


Good Karma honored

Good Karma Foods’ Flaxmilk Omega-3 + Protein Lunchbox Carton has been honored with the 2018 Delicious Living Magazine best bite award, the Boulder-based brand taking home the award for Best Kid’s Product.


Check out the F'lint Roller

It's hard to get excited over a lint roller, you say? Just wait until your pet-owning family and friends try out this puppy. The PEOPLE Pets editor tried the Flint Lint Roller in the office, (you should see our fur-covered selves every day)

Every time I cover an awards show for Extra!I pick up new style tricks from celebrities, stylists and my co-hosts... Flint is an adorable lint roller that will fit in even the tiniest clutch. The old-school lint roller has just been reinvented.


Announcing Kristian Regále

Kristian Regále's uniquely light, crisp and refreshing taste sensation is proving to be attractive in international markets. Now is a great time to suggest Kristian Regále samples to your customers and begin the registration process!

Kristian Regale offers the following benefits:
• 100% Natural... more


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